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Outside The Box Apparel

Step up your team’s game with our Custom Sublimation service at Powertek Athletic! Imagine your school or team’s identity captured in vibrant colors and unique patterns. What sets us apart? You’ll work directly with our experienced designers to turn your ideas into personalized sports apparel. Your team is unique, and we believe your gear should be too. Let’s bring your vision to life together. Dive into customization with Powertek Athletic’s Custom Sublimation. Connect with us using the form below, and let’s elevate your team’s look!

Inspiration Unleashed: Explore Our Design Library

Unlock a world of creative possibilities by delving into our Design Library, a curated collection showcasing the diverse range of custom sublimation products we’ve crafted over the years. Browse through the unique designs, vibrant color combinations, and personalized touches that have brought our clients’ visions to life. While this library serves as a wellspring of inspiration, remember that your imagination is the only limit. Our capabilities extend far beyond what you see here, ready to transform your ideas into tailor-made, one-of-a-kind athletic apparel. Let the Design Library ignite your creativity as you embark on the journey of bringing your vision to reality.

Connect with our design team and create your unique uniform! Call 732-287-6140 or email today! 

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